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He University is an undergraduate-level university authorized by the Ministry of Education of China. It sits in the Shenyang Mt. Qipan Scenery Tourism Development Zone as the only institution in the nation founded by repatriated Medical Doctors and “Thousand Talents Program” experts.

He University now encompasses 6 disciplines: Medicine, Natural Science, Engineering, Management, Literature, and Art, 19 undergraduate majors: Clinical Medicine, Nursing, Medical Imageology, Medical Imaging Technology, Optometry, Pharmaceutical Science, Pharmaceutical Engineering, Pharmacy Administration, Bio-Medical Engineering, Applied Psychology, Public Service Administration, Marketing, Hearing and Speech Rehabilitation Science, Food Hygiene and Nutrition, Advertising, Animation, Visual Communication Design, Environmental Design, and Product Design, as well as 13 Higher Vocational Education programs including Medical Cosmetology, Rehabilitation Technology, Optometry, and Nursing.
Currently, there are more than 8,000 full-time students, from 23 provinces all over China, enrolled in the campus. It is the only The undergraduate program of Optometry is the only university which is qualified for independent entrance examination in northeast China that also provides opportunities for foreign students, continuing education students and dual-degree students, further fostering master of clinical medicine in collaboration with Dalian Medical University. The school sets subordinate teaching units including College of Clinical Medicine, College of Nursing, Department of Medical Imaging, Department of Medical Psychology, College of Arts, College of Nutrition and Health, College of Pharmacy, College of Optometry, Department of Management, Department of Psychology, Department of Biomedical Engineering, College of Innovation and Entrepreneurship, College of Continuing Education, Department of General Education, Department of Foreign Languages, and supporting academic resources such as the laboratory education center, examination center, the library, and He Art Museum.
He University closely follows the development strategies of national healthcare service industries and leading regional economic and social forces, realizing its unique combination of science and education, thus connecting education and professional practices seamlessly. It steadily promotes undergraduate program by consolidating general education and introducing problem based learning method; it modifies education pattern for students who excel in innovative thinking and academic performances through the introduction of English class, Japanese class, Outstanding Talents class, and Beijing Genomics Innovative Institute class. Curriculum and teaching system oriented toward innovative spirit and practical abilities are gradually being built up, which brings the emergence of all-course, all-student innovation and entrepreneurship. Dream Factory—the first student shareholder company in China—has been established, aiming to train talents with solid foundations, flexible and wide practice skills, and unique personalities. He University is successively awarded as China Outstanding Private University, Shenyang Advanced University of Employment & Entrepreneurship, Shenyang Outstanding Graduate Employment Award, Shenyang Model College of Student Entrepreneurship and Innovation, and Liaoning Innovative Education Practice Home Base. Students also achieved champion in National ISPN (International Standards for Professional Nurses) English Practice Skills Contest, Second Prize in the National Undergraduate Clinical Nursing Skills Contest, Second Prize in the 8th “Challenge Cup” National Undergraduate Entrepreneurship Contest, First Prize in the 2nd China Youth Science and Technology Innovation Competition, and Third Prize in National Higher Education Clinical Skill Contest in Northeast China.

He University appointed nearly a hundred academicians and internationally renowned scholars as its honorary presidents, honorary professors and visiting professors. It formed a professional team with a solid academic foundation, an appropriately constructed system, and a relatively strong academic influence. He University now has 29 eye specialist hospitals, 24 ophthalmic clinics, and 47 vision centers across China. It created the China Eyes Industry Base, and was successively acknowledged as the National Training Center for Blindness Prevention and Treatment, the Good Clinical Practice Lab, China International Technology Cooperation Base, National and Local Joint Lab for Eye Industry, Sino-Euro Eye-Brain Medicine Center, Ophthalmic Stem Cell Clinical Application Study Center, Academician Workstation, Postdoctoral Innovation Practice Base, Repatriated Entrepreneurs Institute, International Silicon Valley Entrepreneurs Research and Education Institute, and Innovative Entrepreneurship Education Platform. It is a member of ICO (International Council of Ophthalmology) Advisory Board and Deputy Director of National Health and Family Planning Commission of the People’s Republic of China. It also collaborates with many renowned academic institutions including Université Claude Bernard Lyon 1 in France,Kyushu University in Japan, Eindhoven University of Technology in the U.K, Shanghai Institute of Materia Medica, Tsinghua University, and Communication University of China, to undertake exchange programs and international researches.

The university motto is to “Pursue Dream, Be Grateful, Crave for Knowledge, Practice, Gain Result”.Insisting on the mission of “All for the Student”, developing on the existing advantage of “medicine, education, production, learning, and research integration”, to eventually cultivate proud students with aesthetic sense, individuality, and liberal spirit that rejuvenates the nation.