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He Vision Group
was founded in 1995 by Dr. Wei HE who received his doctor degree in Japan. Dr. Wei is also a current member of Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference (CPPCC) National Committee. With 24 years of development, He Vision Group(HVG) has more than 1,600 full-time employees, and it has developed into a comprehensive system that is comprised of 28 He Eye Specialist Hospitals, 24 ophthalmic clinics, 46 vision centers, He University, He Postgraduate Institute of Ophthalmology and Visual Sciences,and Eye industry base which including Industrial Co., Ltd ,etc, that focuses on biotechnology development. HVG has evolved into an integrated system including medical service, research, education, industrialization and publicwelfare. It has become an important member of international eye care system.
Medical Service
HVG has 29 Eye Specialist Hospitals, 24 ophthalmic clinics across China. He Eye Speclist Hospitals pioneers the implementation of international advanced ophthalmic services in China. The hospitals is becoming the impetus of eye care by applying high-tech in ophthalmic treatments and advanced management of the prevention of blindness (PBL) in eye services. Shenyang He Eye Specialist Hospital is the first private eye hospital approved by Ministry of Healthy, China (aka. National Health Commission of P.R.China). It has been utilizing the latest technology such as vitrectomy, phacomulsification, ophthalmic laser. Shenyang HESH has also developed the technology of cataract memory IOL implantation, 1.9mm micro-incision phaco IOL implantation and so on, which led ophthalmic technology in China in eight aspects. He Vision Centers are community sites that provide eye disease screening and optical services. Today, there are more than 46 vision centers in Shenyang, Dalian, and other cities. He Vision Centers, as the primary eye care centers of the He Vision Group, play an important role in detecting and prevention eye diseases at an earlier stage. The CEO of the He Vision Group, Dr. Xiangdong HE redefined the concept of contact lens from the ophthalmologic perspective and established a unique contact lens clinic where patients can receive ten essential examinations before wearing contact lens.
Research and Idustrialization
In its forward-looking strategic plan, HVG considers bio-industry to be the driving force of its future. Correspondingly, Eye Industry Base was established with the most advanced experimental and scientific equipment. In addition, the human capital from the top national researchers in the field of molecular biology, bioengineering, biomaterial, pharmaceuticalresearch,cognitiveresearch are carrying out the research and development for new product and new technology in the field of bioengineering. The eye industry base has formed a pyramidal team structure led by senior talents. It provides not only the favorite research environment and professional equipment, but also the strong financial and political support.
The Eye Industry Base is trying to accelerate self-researched patents industrialization. Projects under industrialization are:
1. Cell-free Freezing-drying amniotic membrane industrialization
2. Drug sustained-release material artificial lens industrialization
3.Chinese traditional medical (granules, capsules, liquid)
4.Eye drop
5. Health food
6. FGF factors recombination industrialization project
7. Ophthalmic medical equipment
Public Welfare
As the first private eye hospital in China aiming to prevent blindness, Prevention of Blindness (PBL) is the central value for HVG. With thorough exploration, HVG has created a high-quality, low-cost, effective and duplicable PBL model that can be fully utilized by other institutes in China.
HVG is enthusiastic about public welfare and has carried out a series of public welfare activities nationally and internationally. After the earthquake in Wenchuan County on May 12, 2008, Dr.Wei led the first mobile hospital composed of 20 people to Mianzhu City, to perform ophthalmic surgery for injured soldiers and fill prescriptions for students and elderly with damaged glasses. Dr. Wei also led medical teams to Hubei province, Xinjiang autonomous region, Tibet and other places to carry out cataract operations. Dr. Wei was commissioned by National Health Commission to carry out Bright Actions in North Korea, Yemen and Uganda. Up to now, He Vision Group has performed free cataract surgery for more than 100,000 poor patients and has reduces a total number of more than 300 million RMB fees.
After a long time of exploration, He Vision Group has established a high-quality, affordable, replicated and sustainable prevention and treatment blindness mode. Dr. Wei also created a City-county-township Poverty Alleviation Mode: based on the wisdom medical platform, patients can consult experts in upper-level hospitals without leaving their county, as well as provide training. In recent years, Dr. Wei has also provided innovative technologies such as artificial intelligence equipment and gene technology into the Poverty Alleviation mode, making the mode more efficient. Apart from Liaoning province, this new mode has extended to a number of national poverty-stricken counties in Guizhou, Henan, Anhui, Hebei and Yunnan province. Dr. Wei also has signed cooperation agreements with 11 African countries, including Nigeria, Ethiopia, Uganda and Rwanda to extended the mode to Africa.