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Hun-nan Science and Technology Town
Locating in the south of Shenyang City, the town is decorated with beautiful ecological and business scenery, where the programming area is 120.6 km2.
It is to become the international and modern technological area taking the new and high- tech industry as the support, integrating Education Research, Finance & Commercial Trade, Living and Inhabitation, Tourism and Visiting together, to create future economic complex and high-tech new zone in Shenyang City.
Industrial Advantages: the town focuses on biological pharmaceutical, Biomedical Equipment, Eye industry, and Health services industry. Nano materials, Automotive Products, by Institution of Chinese Academy of Sciences, Northeast University, He University, Neusoft, LG Electron, Tsinghua Tongfang, Xiehe Pharmacy, Philips, etc.
Science and Technology town
• Biological pharmacy
• Biological medical equipments
• Eye industry
• Health services industry
Culture Creativity
• The film and television media base
• Digital content and animation
• International creative valley
• Zhongnan cartoon city
Tourism and leisure resort
• Shenyang Imperial Palace
• Shenyang Expo Garden
• Shenyang national forest park
• Fuling Tomb
• Zhaoling Tomb
• Bird Island