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General education
General education has played an important role in He University , fostering full development of character in students, understanding different cultures and ways of thinking, developing habits of independent thinking and investigation.
General Education Aims
to graduate an educated person possessing the following characteristics:
• Fundamental skills in communication, computation, and critical thinking necessary for life-long learning
• Knowledge and skills necessary for meaningful and productive living
• Self-dignity and self-worth
• Appreciating, understanding, and sympathizing with the human condition
• A desire to know more about one's environment and the global perspective

General Education Curriculum Module
• Chinese cultural heritage
• Self and humanity
• Philosophy and critical thinking
• Cultural dialogue and world vision
• Scientific spirit and scientific exploration
• Ecology and biological conservation
• Artistic creativity and aesthetic experience
• Innovative thinking and entrepreneurial ability
• Life, Environment, Matter and Information
• Philosophy, Religion and History
• Economy and Business
• Governance, Peace, Human Rights and International Relations