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We foster a community of concern, understanding, compassion, and respect; Intercultural exchange, self-reflection. Openness to new ideas, teaching ethical leadership, civic engagement, cultural humility and global.

The humanities, visual arts and cultural studies flourish here, in a community that practices and celebrates these creative disciplines.

The holistic and spiritual education makes the school a seeding ground for humanitarianism.

Art-education possesses significant position and effect in fostering the cap ability of innovation

◆ Medicine is a science of uncertainty and an art of probability.

◆ Students can not only learn more about art, but also have a deeper understanding of freedom, goodness and creativity.

◆ The music is the most beautiful language on earth, listen to the music of choir as it sings of the majesty and the glory of the morning.

◆ Theater can cultivate learning collaboration, leadership, problem solving, character development and self-esteem.