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He Eye Specialist Hospital Appointed as the Only ICO Training Center in Mainland China
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1.He Eye Specialist Hospital was appointed as the only ICO training center in mainland China


He Eye Specialist Hospital (HESH) has been appointed by International Council of Ophthalmology (ICO) as the only ICO training center in Mainland China in February 2017, it symbolizes that the training ability of Chinese ophthalmology has reached the international level. As the only national training base of blindness prevention, HESH is capable of organizing international ophthalmology training and communication. At the mean time, more specialists and resources from all over the world will be introduced into China. Chinese ophthalmologists will receive first-class training without going abroad. A group of leaders in ophthalmology education, nursing and medical practice will emerge and lead the development of international ophthalmology to a bright future.    


As a national key specialty hospital, HESH is the only high-tech ophthalmic health alliance that combines medical service, education, industry, science and research. HESH has established several branch hospitals in China, dozens of He Vision Centers all over the province, He University and an industry base where the high-end surgery consumes and medicament are developed with 28 patent technologies industrially transformed.


Meanwhile, HESH is the only national training base for blindness prevention appointed by National Health and Family Planning Commission of People’s Republic of China. 7 first cases of ophthalmologic surgeries were operated here, which filled in the domestic gap in the field. Now more than 50 specialists of international level, more than 100 of national level have been employed and 200 trainers have been trained here. Till now 32000 community public health staff, 100 minor incision cataract surgeons, 200 ophthalmologic nurses, 1800 vision center staff, 300 low vision rehabilitation physicians, 680 PB administrative staff, 10 equipment engineers, 20 ophthalmologic consultants have been trained, and the total capital investment has been over 30 million RMB.


As the only appointed ICO training center in mainland China, HESH provides training courses for ophthalmologists worldwide, including cataract surgery, glaucoma, pediatric ophthalmology, strabismus, ophthalmology basics, retina, vitreoretinal surgery, cornea and external diseases, observe training.


With the purpose of encouraging more ophthalmologists to pass the ICO examination, HESH has carried out the international scholarship project, each year one of the ophthalmologists who have passed the exam will receive USD 6,000. Chinese ophthalmologists have priority under the same conditions.


To accelerate the integration of domestic and foreign ophthalmic treatment, HESH is now preparing to apply for the authentication of ICO test center for residents.



2. Dr. Wei He is the first Chinese ICO Advisory Committee Member


Dr. Wei He (fourth from the right) with other ICO Advisory Committee members


The International Council of Ophthalmology is an alliance of international academy of ophthalmology. It has over 120 national-level and sub-specialty committees, and nearly all the national-level ophthalmic academies are its members.


ICO Board of Trustees consists of one president, two vice presidents, one financial treasurer, one CEO and dozens of board members.


The board consists of an Advisory Committee, focusing on the current and future developments of global ophthalmologists and the eye care industry, providing the board, as well as the academies of ophthalmology in each country, with professional advice and guidance.


All the committee members are required to be frontier academic experts in their own fields, with high prestige, great influence and willing to speak for local ophthalmic industry.


During the WOC Conference in 2016, Dr. Wei He, president of HESH was selected as the only Chinese member of the ICO Advisory Committee, which symbolizes that the development of Chinese ophthalmology is closer to the international level.


Prof. Wei He (right) and Prof. Hugh Taylor (President of ICO)



3. How to Attend ICO Training


In order to facilitate the development of Chinese ophthalmology, ICO started to offer examinations in China. Examinations are divided into 3 subject areas: Basic Science, Optics & Refraction and Use of Instruments, and Clinical Sciences. Dozens of countries have already participated.


Once Chinese ophthalmologists pass the examination, they will be qualified to have the opportunity provided by ICO to study abroad. Each year ICO offers dozens of scholarship opportunities and assists to make the arrangements according to the applicants’ preference.


Prof. Haisheng Zhao (right) and his mentor Dr. Ronald Gentile


Prof. Zhao passed the ICO Examination in 2008, and became the first young scholar in Western China who has passed the exam. In 2015, he applied for a 3-month study visit to Retina Service at New York Eye & Ear Infirmary.


Prof. Zhao is well-experienced in ICO Examinations. We welcome talented and motivated young ophthalmologists worldwide to HESH for further study and communication.