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  In order to further promote the activities of fire safety protection in our university and enhance the awareness of teachersand studentsfire self-prevention and self-rescue ability, and also promote the steady improvement of campus safety level, our university has launched the "fire emergency evacuation drill" today. All freshmen of class 2020 have participated in this activity and observed it on the spot.


Fire Evacuation Drill in Student s’ Dormitory Building

  Students dormitory area is the place where high-density gathering, and also its a daily living area for students. The consequences would be unimaginable in case of fire.

The drill aims to enhance students' awareness of preparedness and their abilities to respond to the sudden disasters.

  When the alarm is ringing out, students on the west side of the third floor of the dormitory who are able to participate in the evacuation drill, smash the emergency open button of the electronic control safety door and rescued themselves from the evacuation stairs on the west side of the dormitory. College fire control Center call 119 command center when they receive the alarm, also the fire emergency plan is activated at the same time.


  Teacher on duty in the dormitory pressed the button to open the electronic control safety door in the dormitory room, opened all evacuation doors at the same time and organized students to evacuation.The logistics electrician on duty went to the fire scene to cut off the power in the dormitory. Students evacuated to the safety zone in time from each exit of the dormitory building according to the evacuation route in the fire emergency plan .


  The school's volunteer firefighters were in place at the first time and used outdoor hydrants to control the fire. At the same time, the fire brigade rushed to the fire site to start the fire fighting and rescuing, liaoning He Medical College Red Cross students branch treated the injured students in a timely manner.

  In the whole process of evacuation, each student bent over and covered his/her mouth and nose with his/her hand. The evacuation work of faculty and staff was tense and orderly, achieving the expected effect.

Instruct Students to Use Fire Fighting Equipment

  The importance of fire-fighting equipment is no doubt for students. In this fire drill, the correct operation steps and precautions are explained in detail, especially fire extinguishers, fire hose and escape protective equipment commonly used in fires.

  This fire drill is organized and completed by the school logistics Department. The whole activity is people-oriented and preventive.  The drill’s aim is to enhance students' awareness of fire safety and keep vigilance at all times through this activity which is in contact with fire safety knowledge closely. I further realized the importance of safety prevention, and the ability to respond to emergencies through the fire drill activities of real-scene experience, it have taught us the ability of protecting the lives of ourselves and others.


2020/10/06 10:10