Glad Tiding | Our University from Japanese Class Have Achieved the Success on 16th Chinese-Japanese Composition Contest

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 The 16th “Chinese-Japanese Composition Contest” has been announced recently. Our university Xiangjun Hei and Jinxia Song from 2018 Nursing Japanese Class have achieved the success of outstanding awards in this competition.

Japanese Composition Contest for Chinese

 The “Japanese Composition Contest for Chinese” was mainly organized by the Chinese overseas newspaper of Japan and Japan-China Exchanging Research Institute, and co-organized by Japanese Embassy and the Asahi Shimbun, 17 organizations organized this contest in total.

 The event has been held since 2005 to promote mutual understanding and cultural exchanges between China and Japan. It is the largest and most influential Japanese writing essay competition in China, which is aimed at all Japanese learners (including both undergraduates and postgraduates Japanese learning students and non-professional learners).

Winning Details


“Thank You to The World for Its Help”

Author: Xiangjun Hei from 2018 Nursing Japanese Class

Faculty Adviser: Sitian Wang

A Special Spring, A Special Thought

Jinxia Song from 2018 Nursing Japanese Class

Faculty Advisor: Junyu Liu

    Respect in the heart,the truth will be in the text.

 The reason why we can achieve such excellent results, it’s because Students study hard on their daily basis, and also our university always insisted on the unity of knowledge and practice with an international vision of talent teaching philosophy.

 In may of this year, in response to the school's calling online classes and enrich students' online learning and life during the epidemic, teachers from the China-Japan Cultural and Economic Research Center in the International Education Academy together with the Japanese language Club organized the first online Japanese composition contest of He University.

 During the epidemic, as a medical student, we were deeply touched by the hero who rushed to the front line during the epidemic. We are full of respect to our hero, and we will gather the most warm articles though feeling us by the hand-writing, because the most powerful expression is our words.

 After school preliminary selection, the top three Zhaoying Ren, Jinxia Song and Xiangjun Hei have received the Japanese Academy teachers’ online training for a week.

 As a non-Japanese major, we won the prize in the National Japanese Analogy Competition, which was full of excellent students. The achievement is not only an encouragement for us, but also an affirmation for the language of Japanese proficiency.

Hard-working in the past is prospect,

looking forward to a better in the future.

 It has been six years since our school set up the Japanese Language Class in 2014. In the past six years, all the excellent students have gradually grown into all-rounders nursing with independent personality and broad vision ability.

 The 2014 outstanding graduates from nursing Japanese Class have already successfully worked in Japanese hospital.Students from nursing Japanese Classes of 2015, 2016 and 2017 have won municipal awards on Shenyang Japanese Speech Contest for three consecutive years. Two students from the class of 2018 have won the excellent works award in the 16th Chinese Japanese Composition Contest. Class 2019, Class 2020, we believe that our wonderful will be continued.

Magpies  are perching, birds are coming back.

What a beautiful Sishui with fantastic rushing Boya lake.

Here is amazing and wonderful, also feeling sweet.

Wish all the students embracing the love of your life.

Be brave enough to follow your dreams.


2020/10/02 10:30