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  Since the eighteen largest party of labor education, the general secretary Xi Jinping has made an important exposition of labor and labor education based on the historical orientation of the new era. At the 2018 national education conference, general secretary Xi Jinping called for labor education to be included in the overall requirements of training socialist builders and successors, and clearly put forward the construction of a comprehensive education system of moral, intellectual, physical, and aesthetic education. Labor education, rooted in the excellent traditional Chinese culture, bears the concept of cultivating people through labor, which is of great significance to promoting labor innovation and building an educational power.

  Since the outbreak of novel coronavirus pneumonia, nearly 1000 students in He University have been fighting the epidemic. Although they have not yet become real medical staff, they orderly participate in the epidemic prevention and control work, and play an active role in all posts.

This kind of public welfare voluntary labor enables students to practice labor education in the process of epidemic prevention and control, realize the understanding of labor skills and labor spirit, which is also the epitome of characteristic labor education in Liaoning He University.

Since 2014, the school has included labor course as a compulsory course for youth in its teaching plan and talent training program. Through labor education, students can establish correct labor concept, have necessary labor ability, cultivate positive labor spirit, and develop good labor habits and quality!

Labor course has been set up for seven years to implement the fundamental task of moral education

  "Shangshu · Wuyi chapter" said: "I don't know the difficulty of farming, but Yi is a proverb." Without the sweat of labor and the hardship of labor, it is difficult to really understand the connotation and value of labor.

  Most of the contemporary college students are only children. They grow up under the care of their parents. From the beginning of primary school, they focus on the mental work of learning and reading, and lack the quality of physical work and independent life. College students often can't wash their clothes, fold their quilts, and organize their internal affairs. Some students even deviate from the values of physical labor, which affects their own development.


  He university always adheres to the founder's idea of "cultivating national rejuvenating people with rational thinking, independent personality, fighting spirit and unity of knowledge and practice". How to implement the fundamental task of moral education, let the contemporary college students get rid of the phenomenon of "do not cherish the fruits of labor, do not want to work, can not work", let the students really become qualified people of national rejuvenation, become the top priority of education work in He university.

  The school realizes that labor education in the new era needs to integrate with disciplines, help students find labor value in labor education, play the role of "education", and extend from labor practice to knowledge construction, aesthetic education, innovation and creation, scientific inquiry, etc. Only when students pay in the process of labor can they cultivate positive labor values and make students respect the working people and the achievements of labor.

  Therefore, since 2014, the school has set up labor course and included it in the compulsory course, which is included in the teaching plan and talent training program as a compulsory course for youth. At the same time, the starting point of labor education is to cultivate, develop and perfect people, not only for labor.

Enrich the content of labor education and define the value of Education

  In 2020, the CPC Central Committee and the State Council will issue the "opinions on Comprehensively Strengthening labor education in primary, middle and primary schools in the new era" (hereinafter referred to as the "opinions").

  The "opinions" emphasizes that labor education is an important part of the socialist education system with Chinese characteristics. It is necessary to fully implement the party's education policy, adhere to moral education, integrate labor education into the whole process of talent training, run through all sections of universities, primary and secondary schools, run through all aspects of families, schools and society, grasp the guidance of education, follow the law of education, innovate the system and mechanism, and pay attention to the actual effect of education, Realize the unity of knowledge and action, and promote students to form a correct world outlook, outlook on life and values.

  Labor education is not a simple teaching task, it needs to develop a gradual learning system from easy to difficult, from simple to complex according to the law of students' physical and mental development. Carefully planning, reasonable arrangement, according to the development level of different levels of students, arrange different levels of teaching content, so that students receive appropriate education and exercise.


  Under the guidance of the party's educational policy, the labor course of He university is guided by Xi Jinping's new socialist ideology with China's characteristics. It responds positively to the call of the party and the state, reconstructs the integration and creates a new classroom for labor education and teaching.


  In the labor education of freshmen and sophomores, there are voluntary service labor, health management labor and public welfare labor under the labor class, which are two credits in total, and are compulsory courses of social practice. Voluntary service labor class and health management labor class are carried out in the first two semesters, one week each semester (labor week); The course of public welfare labor is carried out in the third to fourth semester.


  The school innovates the form of labor education, builds a comprehensive, practical, open and targeted curriculum structure of theory and practice integration, combines Tree-planting day, Lei Feng memorial day, Labour Day carry out with labor theme education activities - campus public welfare labor courses for sophomores, including field planting, tree and seed planting, orchard maintenance, fruit picking, etc.

  When carrying out labor education for junior and senior students, the school implements professional labor education and family labor education. At present, different forms of professional labor education have been carried out in various majors in the school. Labor class will fully explore the advantages of various majors in the school on the existing basis, and carry out joint teaching, so that students can combine professional knowledge with labor, and explore professional labor posts by colleges and majors. For example, in the laboratory, teaching and research section set up professional direction of the experimenter, teaching assistant and other positions, to cultivate students in practice and work hard and practical, not afraid of hardship and fatigue spirit to provide support.

Family labor education takes full advantage of holidays to show students' family labor achievements through E-class and wechat platform, which helps students form labor habits and establish sense of responsibility, and also promotes the integration of the relationship between parents and students.

  At the same time, the school will labor into the honor system. For the students who have performed well in the teaching of labor course, the school encourages them to participate in the evaluation of "building campus scholarship" and "social responsibility scholarship" according to the honor system, and further encourages the students to revere labor, advocate labor, respect labor and love labor.

So far, He university labor class version 2.0 "officially online"!

  Using "heart" to make students change their ideas

 At the beginning of the labor course in 2014, the school labor education encountered different degrees of difficulties and resistance. Students and parents do not understand, do not support, do not cooperate, labor class is the most urgent problem.In the eyes of the students, Professor He Wei, the founder who has always been kind and responsive, made a clear statement on this matter: we must have a labor class, and we must have a good labor class, which is valuable, meaningful and effective!

  How do students change their ideas from not understanding labor class to "one post is hard to find" in public welfare labor class?


  Professor He Wei proposed that there is a "preface" before the labor class. In the "preface", I will tell the students why we should work. He, together with the party and government leaders, teachers and counselors, took the initiative to go to the students and explained the value and significance of setting up labor class one by one. Instead of setting up labor class for labor, he hoped that the students could be down-to-earth, learn and respect labor! At the same time, the school developed a curriculum, assessment methods and self compiled teaching materials, hired full-time teachers“ "Let every student participate in labor" has become one of the focuses of education reform in He university.


  After understanding the deep meaning behind the labor class, the concept of students has changed. It is the parents who really realize the changes of students.

  Some parents reported to counselors that in the past, children would go back to their rooms after eating at home, never wash the dishes to do housework, and even not wash their clothes and socks. They even brought back the clothes they had saved for a month for their parents to wash... After labor class, children knew how to do housework at home, and some even offered to help their parents wash their clothes, I didn't expect that the labor class in school changed our children! "

  The result of labor class is directly reflected in the practice and employment. According to feedback from many employers and schools, he's students have strong hands-on ability and are quick to adapt to work. They can not only do dirty work and bear hardships, but also know how to be grateful and respect others.

Having the courage to take responsibility, strong practical ability, and knowing how to be awed and grateful have become the biggest gains of the labor class for He's students.

 Cultivate various abilities in labor and strengthen the concept of labor education 

  Over the years, the school has actively carried out practical training, professional services and social practice in combination with disciplines and majors, enhanced students' labor awareness, accumulated professional experience, improved their employment and entrepreneurship ability, and established a correct outlook on employment.

Through labor training, students have the spirit of struggle to work in hard areas and industries, and understand the profound truth that empty talk can harm the country and do solid work to prosper the country.

  "As a freshman, I have finished my volunteer work class. In fact, labor class is not boring in imagination, we can learn a lot from it. For example, the task of my labor class is to be on duty in the dormitory. At the beginning, I also thought that this duty was boring and could not learn new knowledge. But after I cooperated with the management committee to check the dormitory, I knew that the labor class could enhance my sense of responsibility and responsibility; When I saw the cleaning students how to solve the problem of water pipe leakage, I knew the importance of teamwork... In the labor class, I learned unspeakable knowledge, which needs our heart to feel the harvest. "—— 2020 student Yang Zhenfei

  Labor education is very small, ranging from tidying up desks and sweeping kitchens; Labor education is so big that it affects students' values and life choices. Labor education is the ultimate moral education, so that students have the ability to get happiness, should be paid more attention to and better implemented, constantly break through difficulties in reality, the achievement of all-round development of all students.

  He university has been firmly adhering to the concept of educating people through labor. Through labor education, we can establish a new era thought in the minds of college students, and make up for the lack of labor feelings of college students through labor education. He's young students are bound to carry forward the spirit of model workers, workers and craftsmen, be diligent in creation and brave in struggle, play a better role as the main force, and devote themselves with full confidence to the great cause of building a modern socialist country in an all-round way and realizing the Chinese dream of the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation.



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